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"""Site and building information.
import numpy as np

[docs]class Site: """ Represent the building site location and properties. Parameters ---------- latitude : float Site latitude in degrees. longitude : float Site longitude in degrees. elevation : float Site elevation above sea-level in meters. Attributes ---------- local_standard_meridian latitude longitude elevation Methods ------- update_calculated_values calculate_local_standard_meridian """ def __init__(self, latitude=0, longitude=0, elevation=0): self.local_standard_meridian = None self._latitude = latitude self.longitude = longitude self.elevation = elevation # Run method to update all calculated values self.update_calculated_values()
[docs] def update_calculated_values(self): self.calculate_local_standard_meridian()
[docs] def calculate_local_standard_meridian(self): """ Calculate the local standard meridian based on the site longitude. Parameters ---------- longitude Yields -------- local_standard_meridian : float """ long = self.longitude std_mer = np.sign(long)*np.floor(np.abs(long)/15)*15 self.local_standard_meridian = std_mer
@property def latitude(self): return self._latitude @latitude.setter def latitude(self, value): self._latitude = value self.update_calculated_values()